Think you're pregnant? Misoclear can help

Misoclear offers safe and effective treatment for preventing heavy bleeding after childbirth, completing an incomplete abortion or miscarriage, and early medical abortion.

Is Misoclear right for me?

Safe and effective treatment

Misoclear is a drug based on a naturally occurring hormone which has been modified to make it more stable as a medicine.

About Misoclear

Recommended by the W.H.O. and doctors

Each Misoclear tablet contains 200mcg misoprostol, which is widely used by doctors around the world and is recommended by the World Health Organization.

Heavy bleeding after childbirth

Misoclear can be used to prevent dangerous heavy bleeding after childbirth, also know as postpartum haemorrhage (PPH).

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Incomplete abortion

Misoclear can be used as a non-invasive option for treatment of incomplete abortion and miscarriage.

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Medical abortion

Misoclear is recommended by doctors for early medical abortion and can be used up to 9 week pregnancy.

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Where can I get Misoclear?

In some countries Misoclear will be available at your doctor midwife, health provider or pharmacist. If Misoclear is not availalbe you may be able to use Misoprostol (200 mcg) instead.
Ask you health provider.

You are not alone

Misoclear is trusted by women worldwide. Here are some of their stories.

When I found out I was pregnant again I went to our local hospital to see if they could help. I thought surgery sounded scary so I chose to take the tablets,

Edith, Zambia
Woman's Stories

A few years ago my friend died after she delivered her baby. She bled and bled and there was nothing anyone could do.

Radha, India
Woman's Stories

I chose this abortion method because it was safer and simpler. I was scared of the pain from the surgery.

Trang, Vietnam
Woman's Stories

I was desperate when I learned I was pregnant, I walked for an hour to get to Phnom Penh where my friends had told me there was a good doctor who could help.

Thida, Cambodia
Woman's Stories

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