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Misoclear is trusted by thousands of health professionals worldwide. Here are some of their stories.

55 year old Doctor, Bareilly, India

Indian doctor"I have seen several women come to our referral hospital when they have had an unsafe abortion. This can be very dangerous and we often have to resort to life-saving measures like removing an infected womb, which deprives her from being a mother for the rest of her life. We need to inform and encourage women to use new medicines in the market for abortion, that are safe and easy to use.

"Many women have to travel long distances to see a qualified doctor and many do not have the money or family support to do so. Easy to understand information for these women can be life-saving. An understanding of the importance of family planning can help them avoid the horrific consequences of unsafe abortion.

"Many doctors also do not know about the easy availability and effectiveness of these medicines. They still use outdated methods like sharp curettage to do an abortion. Professional societies should do more to educate doctors about these new updates that make clinical practice safer and provide a better experience to our patients."

Assistant nurse midwife, Rajasthan, India

Indian doctor 2"I have seen many women dying in my village from heavy bleeding after delivery at home. I did not know that there is a medicine that can be taken after delivery to prevent this. The lives of so many families and children, who have lost their mothers and dear ones to this bleeding will be blessed.

"I do not know why the government does not promote these medicines more. We can be trained to distribute this medicine to save the lives of many women, like we are trained to provide family planning pills and tuberculosis medicines."

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